Our Firm : Wilder Wealth Strategies LLC | Alpharetta, GA 30009

Our Firm

Mission Statement

Our firm is client focused rather than product-focused, and our goal is to educate our clients. Like a good coach, we consult and evaluate the field of options available to each family or business.

Why We're Different

Do you remember how scary it was for people who were retiring in 2008? I help people overcome their fear of money. I work with pre-retirees on planning for retirement and new retirees on income distribution planning to make sure the next down market does not affect their retirement.

I come up with creative solutions to financial problems….reducing taxes, maximizing income in retirement.

My parents struggled with finances, and I entered the business to help people like them have more control over their finances. I think of my clients as teammates; together, we come up with a financial game plan. My practice is focused on the financial goals of my clients and it is not focused on product.

What to Expect

Here at Wilder Wealth Strategies, one of our biggest strengths is listening closely about the dreams and goals of our clients and utilizing this information to design customized plans that meet their needs. To do this, we need to meet with people multiples times to strategize, design, and implement their plan. This can be challenging for our busy clients to find the time during their busy lives. Therefore, our firm started using GoToMeeting. It’s still good to see each other in person, our main office is in Alpharetta and we have conference rooms in Sandy Springs, but GoToMeeting allows us to have a productive meeting with no driving time. Wilder Wealth truly loves helping people and seeing them succeed!